How to process a sale with Greenline POS

Quick summary on the process to update a sale in GreenLine POS

Ring the sale up in your current process using Greenline. Adding each item your consumer is purchasing as you would a standard sale.

When it comes to Payment and the Customer chooses Gratify:

  1. Copy the item description and then open a new tab with the Gratify Merchant portal. (Merchant portal Login)
  2. Create a sale in the portal 
  3. Type the amount to charge the Customer (this is the total inclusive of all taxes and charges), and paste the item descriptions into the text field
  4. Generate the sale and allow the Customer to check out.
  5. Once the Gratify Merchant portal reflects "paid" for this order, go back to Greenline.
  6. Select Payment Method "other" & Complete the sale in Greenline.
  7. Print the receipt from Greenline.