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Turn Enquiries Into Sales

Handling enquiries takes valuable time away from your customers, staff, and ultimately stops you from making money. So turning more of those enquiries into sales is a critical area of your business that seldom gets attention. We get it: Selling may not always be what you want to be doing. But it’s the route to revenue, and so having a few go-to questions in your mind will help you close more sales.

Why did that person not buy?

When you sense the customer isn’t going to buy, try and ask them what would make them buy today. This simple question should be part of your sales system, as it helps you understand what you can do to close more sales.


Price comes down to value, and affordability. You can re-explain the value of your product or service, which puts you back in the sales pitch. Or you can help them with affordability. In most cases, your first response will be to provide a discount. But what if you provided installment plans instead? This way you are helping your customer over the affordability hurdle without shaving 10-15% off your price.

If your customer tells you that it’s just too expensive, you now have a clear path to help close that sale. And all you had to do was tell them about installments.


When you hear ‘it’s not the right time’ from the enquiry, then that’s your signal to grab their contact details and let them know that you’ll be here when the time is right. When you do this, you’re being efficient, and being mindful of their time. Selling to a customer that doesn’t need your product yet won’t create a good feeling for you or your customer.


If your product doesn’t match what your customer is looking for, that’s ok. You can’t build everything for everyone. Don’t desperately try and salvage something from nothing, because people can sense desperation a mile away. Instead, ask a followup question such as “If we could provide that feature, what would be the next step?” By doing this you aren’t committing, but you are getting to the root desire with your prospect. Having this kind of conversation lets them know that you’re ready to do business when they need you. The high road always leads to better results. And you’ll feel better about optimising your time, and spending it with customers that you can help.

Having go-to questions during an enquiry call is your key to turning more of them into sales. The top 3 questions you can ask during an enquiry call are:

  1. Do you think you know enough now to make a decision?
  2. Now that you know about our product, what’s next?
  3. On a scale of 1-10, how close are you to making a decision?

Turning enquiries into sales doesn’t take much to positively impact. It takes having a few clear questions and solutions for the right customers. What would converting 1 extra enquiry a day mean to your business?