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Top Trends in Dispensary Expectations: An Operator's Guide

The cannabis industry is rapidly evolving, and dispensaries are no exception. As the industry continues to grow and mature, customers are looking for new and innovative products and experiences. If you run a dispensary, here are some of the top trends in cannabis:

  1. Boutique Dispensaries: One of the biggest trends in cannabis dispensaries is the rise of boutique shops. These dispensaries offer a more personalized and intimate experience, with a focus on high-quality products and a curated selection. Customers are looking for dispensaries that offer a unique and memorable experience, and boutique shops are delivering just that.

  2. Non-Smokable Products: While smoking cannabis is still popular, customers are increasingly looking for non-smokable products. Edibles, drinks, topicals, and other products are becoming more popular as customers seek out alternative methods of consumption. Dispensaries that offer a variety of non-smokable products are likely to attract a wider range of customers and appeal to those who may not be interested in traditional smoking methods.

  3. Open Store Design: Creating a welcoming and inclusive environment is more important than ever in the cannabis industry. Customers are looking for dispensaries that prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion, and that offer a safe and comfortable space for all customers. Dispensaries that prioritize inclusivity and diversity are likely to attract a more diverse customer base and build a loyal following.

  4. Accessories: As flower margins are compressed, dispensaries are looking for ways to increase revenue and respond to customer demand for stand-out experiences. Accessories are a great way to increase the average order size, and stores can test accessory sales without worrying about spoilage. Customers that engage with budtenders are showing they want an experience, and the leading dispensaries are upselling accessories in those conversations.

  5. Educational Resources Education is key in the cannabis industry, and customers are looking for dispensaries that offer educational resources and guidance. Dispensaries that provide information on the different products and their effects, as well as dosage recommendations and other helpful resources, are likely to build trust and loyalty with customers.


What can your dispensary do to stay ahead?

The next time you're in a boutique retail store, take note of the above 5 things. How is that store presenting itself, it's non-core products and accessories? How is the store designed? Selling more accessories and non-core products can be your fastest route to maximising profits, and having that extra something that your customers are looking for.  

Canadian dispensaries are evolving to meet the changing needs and wants of customers. From boutique store design and non-smokable products to inclusive environments and sustainable practices, customers are looking for dispensaries that offer a unique and memorable experience. If you run a cannabis dispensary and want to learn more about how to stay ahead of the trends in the industry, contact us today. Our team of experts can provide the guidance and resources you need to succeed in this rapidly growing industry.