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Creating Limited Edition Products: A Creative Alternative to Discounts

alternatives to discounts

Limited edition products are a great way to get loyal customers to buy more and reach new customers. They typically offer something unique or exclusive, which makes them more valuable than your regular products. This article will explore the benefits of creating limited edition items and how you can create one yourself.


Limited edition products are an alternative way of rewarding customers, without having to discount your products. This can be a great way for small businesses in Canada to stand out from the crowd and keep customers coming back. Here's how you can do it:

  • Create a limited edition product that offers something unique or special. For example, if your business sells coffee mugs, create a mug with different designs on each side (like one side featuring your logo and another showing off some of the artwork from your favourite album). Your customers will love being able to show off their love for both coffee and music in one item!
  • Announce the release of your new limited edition product online through social media posts or email marketing campaigns - make sure you include details about what makes this item so special! If possible try getting some pre-orders before launching so that when it goes live there'll already be interest built up among potential buyers.*

What is a limited edition product?

A limited edition product is one that is only available for a limited time. This can be physical or digital, with the latter being more common today. Limited editions are often sold in very small quantities and at higher prices than other products. Their scarcity creates a sense of exclusivity and urgency among customers, driving them to purchase quickly before they're gone forever!

How to create a limited edition product

Creating a limited edition product is a way to create scarcity, exclusivity and urgency in your business. It's also a great way to boost sales by creating additional demand for your products.

This can be done in many ways: by creating unique or desirable products that have limited numbers produced (such as luxury items), making them exclusive only for certain customers (for example, an event-only product), or creating urgency with time limits on when they'll be available for purchase (such as during holiday shopping season).

Examples of successful limited edition products

Limited edition products are a creative alternative to discounts. They're used by companies across all industries, and they can help you boost sales without relying on discounts.

There are many examples of successful limited edition products: Disney sells collectible pins; Apple offers exclusive accessories with each new iPhone launch; Coca-Cola sells special bottles at events like music festivals or sporting events.

Creating your own limited edition product is easy! Here's how:

  • Decide what kind of product you want to sell as a limited edition item (could be anything from t-shirts to mugs). You can also include them in existing packages such as gift baskets or Christmas stockings if you're selling online instead of through brick & mortar stores.* Choose whether this will be an ongoing series or a one-off offering.* Define how many units will be produced overall.* Determine how long they'll be available for sale after launch date.* Set pricing strategy based on demand vs cost of production vs profit margin goals

Creating a limited edition product can be an effective alternative to discounting.

Creating a limited edition product can be an effective alternative to discounting. When you are looking at ways to drive sales and increase revenue, it's important to consider how your customers will perceive the offer. If they feel like they are being given something for nothing, they may not feel as though they have received value in return for their purchase. This can lead them to question whether or not other products from your company are worth purchasing at full price as well.

Limited edition products create a sense of exclusivity and urgency among customers that makes them more likely to buy now instead of waiting until later when the opportunity has passed altogether.


We think that creating limited edition products is a good alternative to discounting, especially for Canadian SMBs. As we've seen in this article, there are many ways to create one and it doesn't have to be difficult or costly. You can choose from several different types of limited edition products including exclusive editions, custom orders or special collections which all have different benefits and drawbacks when compared with each other.