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Fast & Affordable Student Loans

At Gratify, we've crafted a student loan service that aligns with your personal and academic aspirations. Introducing Canada's most streamlined student loan application and payment system.

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A New Option for Student Loans

We've redesigned the student loan application to be what we think is the best in the country.

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Monthly Payments 

Manage your tuition on your terms

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Transparent Prices

Flat fees instead of compounding interest

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Approval based on your potential not just credit

We Have A Great Track Record

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How to start

Your Hassle-Free Loan Application

Applying for our Tuition Loan Program is easy and can be done in just a few steps:

    1. Your School Creates A Loan Application: Discuss financing needs with your institution. They'll initiate a loan order, which you'll receive via email and SMS.

    2. Easy Application: Share your basic details, snap a selfie with your ID. Rest assured, we don't perform hard credit checks, so your credit remains unaffected.

    3. Swift Pre-Approval: Receive our decision in under a minute.

    4. Secure Your Loan: Accept the loan by making an initial payment.

    5. Timely Disbursement: Once confirmed, your institution gets the funds without delay.
Why pick us?

Gratify is Modern Finance 

Started in 2021, Gratify has been providing innovative financial products for consumers. We believe that good people deserve inclusive opportunities to reach their full potential as a student and beyond. 


Reach out to your school to get started! 

Contact your school and tell them you want to get a loan through Gratify. They will provide you with an application to borrow the money you need for your education.